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AB Mobility: Stay of Islam Askar at UPM

Máximo Ramírez-Robles (UPM) and Islam Askar (ITI-MCIT)Máximo Ramírez-Robles (UPM) and Islam Askar (ITI-MCIT)

During one week, Islam Askar from ITI-MCIT has been working in the UPM to strengthen sustainability of AFRICA BUILD.

AFRICA BUILD finishes today and the consortium has been exploring different ways to maintain the results produced during the last three years.

The main goal of this stay was to transfer the required knowledge about the AFRICA BUILD Portal's (ABP) ecosystem in order to mirror the portal. We plan to host a mirror of the ABP at ITI-MCIT and thus balance the portal load.

On the other hand, opened tasks were also treated as the Arabic RTL-Theme and the AFRICA BUILD Roadmap Framework plugin.

The ABP reached 700 users three weeks ago and we are 742 users registered at the portal right now. Most of the activity comes from the countries located near to the Gulf of Guinea and our users are mainly concentrated in Mali, Ghana and Cameroon.

One of our obsessions is to speed up the portal as much as possible and we believe that mirroring is one of the best strategies.

We'd like to thank to all the partners their efforts during these years and to the ABP users for trusting in AFRICA BUILD and for their valuable feedback.

Thank you.