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AFRICA BUILD at the Regional Launch of Horizon 2020: Meeting EuroMed Common Challenges - Research and Innovation Cooperation

On Sunday 9 February 2014, "The European Commission’s DG Research and Innovation is organising a regional Conference to promote and present H2020 in the EuroMed region. The conference aims to discuss the future of international cooperation in Research and Innovation in the EuroMed region under Horizon 2020. International cooperation, especially with its neighboring countries and the Mediterranean region, is a key priority of EU research and innovation funding. This conference will aim to draw the attention of stakeholders in EuroMed countries to the opportunities and challenges for MPCs in Horizon 2020 as well as promote the programme to R&I stakeholders in the region" (URL:
The event included three main activities as follows:

  • Speeches and panel discussions about about introducing H2020 and its key elements, in addition to an overview of current status and future prospects of R&I EuroMed Cooperation
  • Exhibition: Including H2020 Booth and posters of FP7 projects in Egypt. AFRICA BUILD was presented under the FP7-Health theme.
  • Parallel session about FP7 themes success stories and lessons learned for H2020