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Faculte de Medecine et d'OdontoStomatologie, FMOS, Mali

When Africa Build started FMOS was part of the Faculté de Médecine de Pharmacie et d'OdontoStomatologie (FMPOS) within the Universté de Bamako at that time. FMPOS was created in 1993 as part of the newly created the University of Mali which became later on University of Bamako. In 2011, the University of Bamako was splitted to form 4 new universities. Faculté de Médecine de Pharmacie et d'Odonto Stomatology became two distinct entities : Faculté de Médecine et d'Odontostomatologie (FMOS) and Faculté de Pharmacie (FAPH). Both entities were within the new University of Science, Technics and Technology of Bamako. FMOS is the only public medical school in Mali and welcomes numerous students West, Central and Eastern African regions. It has four major academic and research departments called DER (Departement d'Etude et de Recherche). They are: DER of Medicine, DER of Surgery, DER of Fundamental Sciences and DER Public Health and Specialties.

The DER of Public Health and Specialties is the only one participating in the present program. It has begun to develop the Biomedical and Health Informatics since 2002. The aim was primarily to provide continuing medical education for health professionals in isolated rural areas through e-learning. The DER has thus, participated in the development and implementation of telemedicine tools to alleviate the shortage of qualified health professionals in Mali. The DER is composed of 7 public health teachers, 7 assistant professors and two assistants. It specifically works for the development of Medical Informatics in collaboration with the Universities of Geneva and Aix Marseilles II. The proposed creation of a Master in Public Health at the Faculty of Medicine of Bamako under the direction of the DER of public health has been adopted by the University of Bamako. This program is designed to make optimum use of existing human resources and address the lack of training public health graduates at the academic level in Mali. Despite the availability of competent human resources, this graduate program requires collaboration with other international universities for its success. The areas of cooperation currently underway are: The Institute of Public Health and Development of Bordeaux, Faculty of Medicine of Nice, University of Rennes. However, the use of e-learning seems essential to facilitate the involvement of these universities given the notorious lack of financial resources to meet the travel expenses of visiting experts and fellow professors. The DER is considering the creation of a Master program in Medical Informatics, which also can not currently be created without using ICT because it requires at the beginning assistance from experienced laboratories of its European partners.

Dr. Cheick Oumar Bagayoko, MD, PhD received his doctorate in medicine from the Bamako College of Medicine in 2002. He received his certificate of continuing education in Medical Computer Science from the University of Geneva in 2004, his Masters in Biomedical and Health Computer Science from the University Réné Descartes, Paris V in 2005, his Masters in Expertise and Engineering of Health Information Systems from the University of Aix en Provence in 2006 and his PhD in 2010. He is currently the Coordinator of the Francophone Africa Network for Telemedicine. He is senior-lecturer at the College of Medicine in Bamako. An expert in health related information and communication technologies, Dr. Bagayoko also has significant experience in coordinating and managing e-heath projects in Africa, notably through his work as Coordinator of the RAFT network, an internet-based medical education and consultation network targeting Francophone Africa. He has reviewed papers for several conferences and is in the program committees of conferences such as Rollback malaria and ICT in Africa 2002, National Strategy of ICT development 2005, JFIM 2007, JFIM2009...

Mr. Abdrahamane Anne. He received a Master degree in Libranship from the Belorussian Univesity of Culture, Minsk(Belorussia) in 1994 and a Master Degre in Information Sciences from the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Sciences de l'Information et des Bibliotheques (Villeurbanne, France) in 2003. He has worked as system librarian in charge of databases and ICT related matters at the library of the Faculty of Medicine, in Bamako for 10 years. In 2006-2007 he spent one year as a Associate Fellow at the National Library of Medicine (Bethesda, USA). He've involved in the development of several websites. He gave many trainings in information retrieval, library automation, free software and Linux system administration. He holds Linux Professional Institute Certification Level I (LPIC 1).
Dr Diakaridia Traoré is medical doctor, specialized in Public Health. He has worked in rural settings for several years. He was the first physician to operate a rural telemedicine center in Dimbal, Mopti Region, Mali. He holds a MPH from University of Geneva. We works with different NGO doing monitoring/evaluation and counceiling.
In AFRICA BUILD, he is involved in WP2 and WP7.
Dr Boncane Cheibou Touré is general practitioner. She graduated from the Faculty of Medicine Pharmacy and Dentistry of Bamako.
She is research assistant with Africa Build Team at FMPOS and works in WP 4.
Dr Adama Sacko is a medical doctor. After his graduation from the Faculty of Medicine Pharmacy and Dentistry of Bamako in 2010, he did a Master of Medical Informatics and Engineering Expertise in Information Systems in Health at the University of Aix Marseille II (France) in 2012.
He is currently a research assistant with AFRICA BUILD team at FMPOS. Adama Sacko is involved in Workpackage 2.
Dr Mohamed Doumbia is general practitioner. He graduated from the Faculty of Medicine Pharmacy and Dentistry of Bamako.
He is research assistant with AFRICA BUILD Team at FMOS and works in WP 6. He was part of the first group of students who took the AFRICA BUILD pilot course on Clinical Research in HIV.
Dr Youssouf Keita is general practitioner. He graduated from the Faculty of Medicine Pharmacy and Dentistry of Bamako.
He is research assistant with AFRICA BUILD Team at FMPOS and works in WP 4.
Dr Seydou Tidiane Traoré is a medical Doctor who graduated from the Faculty of Medicine in 2008 after defending a dissertation on “The role of telemedicine in the medical training and practice in a service of general surgery in Mali. He also holds a Master of Health Sciences with specialization in Expertise and Engineering of Health Information Systems from the University of Aix-Marseille since 2008. Revisor for HON Francophone Africa since 2007, expert in Information Technology and Communication for health, Dr Traoré works at Center for Expertise and Research in Telemedicine and E-Health where is the technical manager of the Equireshus project and head of department of medical teleexpertise.
Dr Traoré is involved in workpackage 5 within AFRICA BUILD at FMOS.

Dr Mohamed Sangare is a medical doctor and Engineer Expert Information Systems in Health. He has a long and rich experience in the implementation and management of e-health projects in Mali and many other African countries. He contributed to several studies on ehealth focusing mainly on issues related to implementation, monitoring, evaluation and sustainability of ehealth projects. He participated in the development of the Malian e-Health policy. Dr Sangare is one of the experts for the African Union working on electronic health harmonization issues in Africa. Researcher at the Centre for Expertise and Research in Telemedicine and E-Health, he co-authored many scientifics publications on different ehealth domains.
Within the AFRICA BUILD Team at FMPOS, Dr Sangaré is involved in the Workpackage 2.

Professor Abdel Kader Traoré is specialised in internal medicine. He holds a degree in Scientific Communication, Medical Teaching and Project monitoring & evaluation. Pathologist at Point G teaching hospital, he is also lecturer at FMPOS.
Professor Traore is key person in the development of Telemedicine and medical informatics in Mali. He supervised most of the dissertation defended at FMPOS on the use of ICTs in the health sector. He is RAFT/UNFM focal point in Mali.
Professor Traoré contributes to AFRICABUILD workpackage 2 and 7.

Professor Mamadou Souncalo Traoré is a professor of Epidemiology and Public Health at the Department of Public Health at the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistery, Bamako University of Sciences and Techology, Mali. He was the head of the Department and played a key role in the creation and opening of a MPH Program at FMOS.
He has worked as National Director of Health, General Secretary at the Ministry of Health in Mali. Currently, he is Director of the National Institute for Research in Public Health.
Prof Mamdou Traoré is the administrator of AFRICA BUILD at FMOS level.

Mr Adama Ouattara holds an engineering degree in Computer Systems and Networks Administration from ESG Paris, a diploma in Programming & Analysis. He has a broad knowledge of different programmation languages and DBMS such as C++, .NET, Visual Basic, PHP, Oracle, MySQL.
He worked as a consultant for VSat and GSM networks deployment projects.
At FMPOS he worked on the design and implementation of several information systems. Currently he is one of developpers for AFRICA BUILD and is involved in development of the AFRICA BUILD portal.
Mr Ousmane Coulibaly is engineer and software developer. He holds a master degree in information system engineering and has preference for open source programming languages. Mr Coulibaly has contributed to the development of various information systems for the health and education sectors.
Currently he is participating in development of AFRICABUILD Portal
Dr Niang Mahamoudane is medical doctor specialised in Medical Informatics. In AFRICA BUILD he's involved in WP 4, 6 & 7. Dr Niang is responsible of E-learning for FMOS within AFRICA BUILD Project.
Dr Niang Mahamoudane, received his doctorate in medicine at the Faculty of Medicine Pharmacy and Dentistry of Bamako. He defended a thesis on "Information and Communication Technologies in the health sector: current state and perspectives in Bamako District health institutions". He holds a Master Degree in Medical Informatics in Expertise and Engineering of Information Systems in Health from the University of Aix-Marseille II.
Since 2003, he has been working with the Malian Telemedicine and Medical Informatics team. We worked specifically on issues such as training in the use of ICT and telemedicine tools, tele-expertise, E-learning, website development and maintenance, supervision of students, online medical content evaluation and accreditation, project management.
Currently, Dr. M. Niang leads the Training Department . He is also a research assistant at the Health On the Net Foundation (Francophone Africa Branch).