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ABP: Brainstormings in Egypt and Mali

The first version of the AFRICA BUILD Portal (ABP) has been developed. And now it's time to think in new functionalities for the future that could be integrated or implemented for the Portal: existing tools that could be useful, relevant databases, tools and new methods... definitely, new functionalities that can be useful for the African health researcher.

To do this, we generated some brainstormings in the African institutions of the project. Each one of the African partners explained the ABP in its own institution and other local institutions focused on health research/training and collect possible ideas. After that, we will share those ideas seeing if they are feasible, common between ideas from different groups, etc.

ITI-MCIT (Egypt) and FMPOS (Mali) have launched this initiative in their institutions. In Egypt, the brainstorming was done at ITI in two parts on May 11-12, 2013 with Health Informatics Fellowship Intake2 students. In Mali, they had some demonstration sessions with MPH students and researchers from Serefo HIV/TB research Labs, and also with some students and resident doctors. AFRICA BUILD project and the ABP were explained to the attendees and they found the ABP very useful for communicating, sharing, and learning.