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Sara Al-Bader

Sara Al-Bader was a doctoral candidate at the University of Toronto. During the final stage of writing her PhD thesis, she and her husbanded died in a car accident near Montreal.
Her colleagues and professor completed her thesis and the University of Toronto honored her memory by conferring her PhD posthumously.

“She was relentless in her pursuit of knowledge and her work reflected a keen understanding of both innovation theory and development theory. She had put so much work into her thesis and she was so passionate about understanding how innovation can work in different countries to improve health, to reduce inequity and poverty,” said Thorsteinsdóttir

Part of the analysis of the state of the art in Health Research conducted in AFRICA BUILD focuses on the aspect of utilizing new research and innovation for health and development. The readiness assessment section of this analysis is based on the great work of Sara El-Bader on Science-Based Health Innovation in Sub-Saharan Africa. In this way, AFRICA BUILD honors Sara Al-Bader's memory for her dedication for exploring African Innovation in the health sector.