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Evariste Bouenizabila

Evariste Bouenizabila, born March 1-1960. He is a graduate of medicine’s Faculty of Brazzaville in 1985, and specialise in diabetology in 1993.

He was appointed WHO AFRO adviser in 2005. He is currently in teaching hospital of Brazzaville, Assistant in medical department in Brazzaville University, and chair of IDF African Region

Evariste BOUENIZABILA is married with two children

Dr Evariste Bouenizabila from Congo Brazzaville is the Chair of the International Diabetes Federation Africa Region (IDF Africa) 2013-2015.

He is a Physician and currently a senior researcher and lecturer in the Department of Endocrinology, University Hospital, Brazzaville.

Dr Bouenizabila has been the WHO Diabetes adviser for the African Region and was involved in the development of the Region's first strategy on Diabetes Prevention and Control in 2007. He has been working with the Congo Ministry of Health as adviser on NCDs.(2007-2011)

He is currently focal point of RAFT/UNFM in Brazzaville CONGO, director of Institut “Maison bleue du diabète Congo”

He has also spearheaded several diabetes initiatives in his country including a large programme on decentralisation and training in all departments of Congo and a pilot programme for children with type 1 diabetes in Brazzaville to ensure access to insulin and improve diabetes care.He has led the Congolese Diabetes Association since 2001.

Dr Bouenizabila is author or co-author of over twenty publications and has contributed to several international courses on endocrinology, including an e-diabetes programme with the RAFT/UNFM (Réseau Africain francophone de telemedicine/université numérique francophone) network.