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Si vous souhaitez participer au projet AFRICA BUILD comme un associé, s'il vous plaît envoyez-nous le formulaire de demande avec vos informations de contact

Téléchargez le modèle de votre formulaire de demande ici.

S'il vous plaît, envoyer la copie scannée de votre formulaire de demande à: ajimenez[at]


If you would like to join the AFRICA BUILD Project as an Associate , please send us the Application form, including your contact details.

Download the template for your Application form here.

Please, send the scanned copy of your Application form to: ajimenez[at]

AFRICA BUILD at Euroscience Open Forum Dublin 2012

ESOF 2012

AFRICA BUILD participated in the bi-annual Euroscience Open Forum (ESOF) hosted in Dublin from July 11th-15th, 2012, presenting the AFRICA BUILD project to the participants within the Egyptian booth of the Ministry of Scientific Research along with the networking reception. ESOF is a highly recognized event that gathers the academia, industry, and scientific foundations with remarkable participation of the new generations of scientists. During this event, different domains of science were discussed, showing the latest technology and sharing opinions about their scientific, economical and social realization. Behind all the ESOF activities, the main aim was clear in harnessing science into innovation and enhancing the associated career development.
For more information, please visit the forum website here.



Cher professeur / chercheur:

Le projet européen AFRICA BUILD vous invite, vous et votre institution, à participer à notre enquête.

Le but de cette enquête est de caractériser les institutions africaines de recherche et/ou académiques dans les domaines de la recherche, de l'enseignement de la Santé et dans Informatique de la Santé. L’enquête sert à analyser les besoins actuels des groupes de recherche et/ou académiques africains dans ces domaines.

Les données issues de cette enquête seront utilisées pour déterminer des stratégies et activités futures dans ces secteurs. Basé sur les réponses représentatives de cette enquête et avec l'analyse de la littérature pertinente, une conception précise sera obtenue. Cette conception servira comme base pour les futures activités européennes dans l'Afrique.

Nous invitons votre institution à répondre à notre enquête, nous aidant ainsi à identifier les besoins actuels les plus importants pour les groupes de recherche / académiciens africains. Si vous êtes intéressés à recevoir plus d'information sur cette enquête ou sur le projet AFRICA BUILD, vous pouvez nous écrire à AFRICA BUILD (

S'il vous plaît, lisez les instructions ci-dessous avant de répondre l'enquête.

Nous vous remercions par avance,

Lire les instructions


Dear Professor / Researcher:

The European Project AFRICA BUILD invites you and your institution to participate in our survey.

The survey aims to characterize research / academic institutions that work in Health Research and Education and in Health Informatics in Africa. The objective of the survey is to analyze the current requirements and needs that academic and research groups have in health and health informatics research. The data obtained from this survey will be used to define strategies and future activities for these sectors. Based on the expected-well representative-responses to this survey and together with analysis of the relevant literature, a concrete conception would be formulated, that would be a foundation for future European activities in Africa.

We invite your institution to answer our survey, helping us to identify which are the most necessary resources currently needed by the African academic/research groups. If you are interested in receiving more information about the survey or the AFRICA BUILD project, you may write to AFRICA BUILD (

Please, read the instructions below before answering the survey.

Thank you in advance,


Read the Instructions and Begin the Survey

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If you would like to join the AFRICA BUILD Project as an Associate , please send us the Application form, including your contact details.

Download the template for your Application form here.

Please, send the scanned copy of your Application form to: africabuild[at]


Si vous souhaitez participer au projet AFRICA BUILD comme un associé, s'il vous plaît envoyez-nous le formulaire de demande avec vos informations de contact


AFRICA BUILD has participated in the CBMS 2012 Conference presenting the paper: Accessing advanced computational resources in Africa through Cloud Computing.

The 25th IEEE International Symposium on Computer-Based Medical System ( was held in Rome from June 20th to June 22nd.
In this conference, we presented the AFRICA BUILD project. Many people were interested in the presentation of the project and we established some links with other institutions.

AFRICA BUILD at IST-Africa 2012

AFRICA BUILD participated in the three-day IST-Africa 2012 conference and exhibition in Dar es Salaam presenting the paper: "Building Sustainable Capacity for Health Research in Africa through Cloud Computing Applications"

IST-Africa 2012 brought together over 400 representatives from government, industry, research and other organisations in 39 countries around the world. The exhibition contained 48 parallel scientific sessions, with 180 presenters presenting several works aiming to eliminate the Digital Divide.

This event was part of the IST-Africa Initiative, which is supported by the European Commission under the ICT Theme of FP7.

AFRICA BUILD at the Geneva Health Forum

The Geneva Health Forum is held every two years and took place from the 18th of April to the 20th of April 2012.
It is an international Forum where policymakers, fieldworkers and frontliners meet and interactively discuss health issues .The topic of this years Forum was: "A Critical Shift to Chronic Conditions: Learning From the Frontliners." and also had a track on Health Information Technologies and Research & Education. The AFRICA BUILD project attended the Forum at the RAFT ( Stand, distributing fact sheets and explaining the main objectives of the project.

AFRICA BUILD at the Med-e-Tel

We are pleased to share with you an image of our AFRICA BUILD poster at the 10th edition of Med-e-Tel (2012), the International eHealth, Telemedicine and Health ICT Forum for Education, Networking and Business, which took place in Luxembourg, between the 18th and the 20th of April, 2012.
Med-e-Tel is the official yearly event of the International Society for Telemedicine and eHealth. Within the frame of the exhibition space, a special poster section has been made available to National, Associate and Institutional members to present their programs and achievements: amongst these we presented the AFRICA BUILD project and a lot of interest was generated.

AFRICA BUILD Partners Meet in Accra, Ghana

Between March 5th and 9th 2012, partners of the Africa Build Consortium met at the University of Ghana in Accra. The Accra meeting discussed activities relating to work packages three (building a collaborative and training infrastructure) and six (pilot and validation) of the project. This meeting was significant in the life course of the project in the sense that it was the first meeting following the kick off meeting in Madrid. Additionally, it was held in Ghana which is one of the African country partners.

Participants of the Technical WorkshopParticipants of the Technical Workshop

The five day meeting had two main sessions. The first three days were focused on technical sessions focused on developing the eLearning infrastructure while the remaining two days focused on engineering the pilot and validation. Sandwiched between these two sessions was a seminar on Biomedical informatics at the school of Public Health.

The infrastructure development session which began on Monday, 5th March involved the IT developers from all the partners present at the meeting. The sessions were facilitated by the representatives of the University Polytechnic of Madrid (Victor Maojo, Ana Jiménez Castellanos and Máximo Ramirez Robles). Presentations and demonstration sessions were used to introduce the African partner developers to the portal, indicating which components have been developed already as well as the components remaining to be developed collaboratively as part of the portal. As part of these sessions, the discussions focused on objectives of the work package, the software needs (in this case ELGG (an open source social networking application), as well as development of widgets for the platform being developed.

On the third day, Prof Victor Maojo of the University Polytechnic of Madrid gave a two hour Seminar on “Biomedical Informatics Situation and Challenges for Africa”. This Seminar was well attended by faculty and staff of the University of Ghana as well as stakeholders in the health and Informatics community in Accra. The seminar covered the history of health informatics as it progressed from its use in the business arena into its health applications until now. The challenges encountered in the use of information technologies as experienced in Western countries were also discussed. Eventually, Professor Maojo concluded that African countries have an opportunity to successfully transition from paper based health records to electronic health records. In total, about 150 participants were recorded in attendance at the Seminar. At the end of the Seminar opportunity was given for participants to ask questions.


The last two days of the meeting was used to discuss implementation of the pilot and validation components of the project. This section of the meeting was led by representatives of the Institute of Tropical Medicine, in Belgium (ITM), the University of Geneva and the World Health Organization (WHO). Presentations in this session were made by Mandana Mehta, Asa Cuzin-Kihl, Caroline Franck, Máximo Ramirez Robles and Maria Zolfo. The discussions centered around identifying the targets for the pilot, content of the curriculum, format and structure of the courses to be developed as well as identification of the faculty who will be involved in delivering the content.

At the end of these sessions, some time was dedicated to discussing timelines for delivering on outcomes of the work packages and decisions made regarding expectations from the partners.

“Biomedical Informatics situation and Challenges for Africa”. Wednesday, 7th March 2012. Accra

The Seminar on “Biomedical Informatics situation and Challenges for Africa” will be presented by Prof. Victor Maojo, Director, Biomedical Informatics Group, Universidad Politecnica de Madrid scheduled on Wednesday, 7th March 2012 from 9:00am – 11:00am in the Auditorium of the School of Public Health, University of Ghana, Legon.

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