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Website in English, French and Arabic

From today, to promote access to our information from the African continent, the AFRICA BUILD Website is accessible in the three most spoken languages in Africa: English, French and Arabic.

WP3 and WP6 Meeting in Accra

In March 2012 the AFRICA BUILD Consortium will meet in Accra for a week of activities related to two work packages: Building a collaborative and training infrastructure (WP3) and Pilot and Validation (WP6). The aim of this week is to introduce partners to the portal that will host learning and research activities, and to gather essential information for the development of courses on HIV and Reproductive Health and Research.

The first half of the week will concentrate on technical aspects of WP3, with a workshop, given by our colleagues from UPM, on the development of computer applications for the AFRICA BUILD Portal. This workshop will be attended by technicians from every African partner, and will aim to address any obstacles that have been uncovered.

Following these two more technical days, there will be an afternoon allocated to a meeting for all members of WP3 to review the status quo vis-a-vis the platform and future services planned. A local seminar is also planned by UPM, targeting local stakeholders and dealing with the Biomedical Informatics Situation and Challenges for Africa.

Towards the end of the week there will be a one and a half day meeting to kick off WP6. These sessions will be attended by at least one representative from each partner, and will involve a review of courses offered at the ITM and WHO, a description of the current situation amongst the African partners in terms of courses, training, staff and infrastructure needs in the field of research in HIV/AIDS and Reproductive Health.

During the course of the week each partner will have the opportunity to present, and give feedback to the other partners regarding any adaptations that should be made to existing services and courses to better suit their target population.

The organization of this week is shared between the Ghanaian partners, and the leaders of WP3 and WP6, UPM and ITM respectively.

More detailed information regarding the seminar and workshops will following in the coming weeks.

Victor Maojo elected Fellow of the American College of Medical Informatics

Professor Victor Maojo, Project Coordinator of AFRICA BUILD, has been elected Fellow of the American College of Medical Informatics (ACMI).
The American College of Medical Informatics, is a college of elected fellows from the United States and abroad who have made significant and sustained contributions to the field of medical informatics. Initially incorporated in 1984, the organization later dissolved its separate corporate status to merge with the American Association for Medical Systems and Informatics (AAMSI) and the Symposium on Computer Applications in Medical Care (SCAMC) when the American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA) was formed in 1989. The College now exists as an elected body of fellows within AMIA, with its own bylaws and regulations that guide the organization, its activities, and its relationship with the parent organization.

AFRICA BUILD at the Open Access Africa Conference

The second Open Access Africa Conference was held in Kumasi (Ghana) on October 25th and 26th. Around 150 people attended the Conference coming from different African countries. The AFRICA BUILD project attended the Conference to present a poster explaining the main objectives of the project.

Kick-off Meeting

The first consortium meeting of AFRICA BUILD project was held in Madrid (October 6 - 7, 2011). The meeting was attended by more than 20 persons from all partners. The meeting was organized by the GIB-UPM (Coordinators of the project), at the premises of the Faculty of Computer Science

Participants in the meeting...


27 - IX - 2011: Participation in the meeting for Coordinators' of projects funded by the Coordinated Call for Africa, organized in Brussels by CAAST-Net.

CAAST-Net is an FP7 INCO-NET platform, funded via the Capacities Specific Programme, which supports greater science and technology cooperation between Europe and Sub-Saharan Africa.

AFRICA BUILD Project begins

During the past two decades the European Commission and other European Agencies have supported several European health, academic, clinical, governmental and industrial initiatives. In the health sector in particular, this European support has helped to create sustainable centres with solid scientific, technology and public health benefits. In contrast there has been no significant transfer of expertise and technology to Africa. Health-related African centres find it difficult to compete with other centres from other countries for funding and support for their research and other activities.


AFRICA BUILD is a Coordination Action aiming to support and develop advanced Centres of Excellence in health care, education and research in the African countries, through Information Technologies.

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